Hope After Head Injury’s goal is to provide emotional support after brain injury. It began simply as a social media page centered on hope for brain injury survivors, started in 2012 by TBI survivor Cristabelle Braden. It has since organically grown into an active, vibrant online community of thousands of survivors and caregivers. 

Hope After Head Injury exists to bring hope to those who have been impacted by brain injury in their life, whether going through the experience themselves or caring for a loved one. We understand that the journey through head trauma is a road that when walked alone can be scary and lonely. Through the voices of brain injury survivors and caregivers we provide awareness, encouragement, community, and hope.


Through an online support group and weekly live video broadcasts, survivors and caregivers are encouraged to never give up and to keep fighting. Many brain injury survivors have trouble leaving the house or attending a support group due to fatigue and overstimulation. Through social media, Hope After Head Injury enters the survivor’s “world”, wherever they are, and brings much needed support, hope, and social interaction by connecting survivors and caregivers with others who understand the daily struggles and can offer encouragement, ideas, and resources. The heartbeat of Hope After Head Injury lives in the active online community of survivors and caregivers; each with a story, and each with a willingness to share compassion, kindness, and hope.


The Hope After Head Injury community grew as founder and survivor Cristabelle Braden gained a following for her video blogs, where she candidly speaks about the daily struggle of life with brain injury,  her beautiful message of hope written into original music (Hope Survives), and her gift to grow and foster relationships and connection between survivors and caregivers. She began to receive invitations to bring the message of Hope After Head Injury to brain injury conferences, support groups, and rehab centers, and now travels all over the country speaking, singing, and spreading brain injury awareness.

Winner of the 2017 Organization Award

from the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania


Hope After Head Injury does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The content on Hope After Head Injury is not to be taken instead of medical advice, and we strongly encourage you to see a doctor. Everything posted on this website and the Hope After Head Injury social media is the intellectual property of Hope After Head Injury, and is covered under copyright law.


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Cristabelle Braden

CRISTABELLE BRADEN is a singer/songwriter, speaker, author, and the founder of Hope After Head Injury. After suffering a traumatic brain injury as a teen, she began to write music. Since then, she has surpassed medical expectations and thrived in her newfound gift of music; she has come from re-learning daily life tasks in brain injury rehabilitation to setting her feet firmly on the ground as a songwriter and artist with a message of hope. Because of her personal experience, she has become a passionate advocate for brain injury; her work with Hope After Head Injury provides support and encouragement to survivors and their families. She tours all over the United States, bringing her powerful testimony and a message of freedom, healing, and love wherever she goes.

Her music tells her story with a strong message of survival, faith, and never giving up. In 2017 she independently released Hope Survives, a project dedicated to her journey through brain injury, and in 2018 followed with an EP entitled Start With Hello, a strong statement of identity and connection. She tours all over the United States, bringing her powerful testimony and a message of freedom, healing, and love wherever she goes. Her heart is in ministry, and a large portion of her performances are at hospitals, rehab centers, brain injury groups, homeless shelters, prison ministries, and more like this; as well as churches, retreats, conferences, concerts, and music venues.

Cristabelle is a living testimony and fights for what she believes in, through her music, speaking, and advocating for brain injury. She is a sought after speaker, both in Christian ministry and brain injury events. She has shared her story and given messages at women’s events, youth events, and more; and also spoken at many brain injury events and conferences, most notably having given keynote addresses at the Mayo Clinic Brain Injury Conference in Rochester, MN, as well as statewide brain injury conferences in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Rhode Island, North Dakota, among others. Her first book, “more to me: discovering your freedom through identity”, was released in 2018; it is an interactive prayer journal based on the song of the same name. Her heart is to bring a message of hope to all she encounters.

For more information and tour dates, visit cristabellebraden.com.

""For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.""
Jeremiah 29:11