Brain Rest #thestruggleisreal

You know what you should do, but, you don’t have time for resting. Your life is moving, you have work to get done, and your brain needs to get with the program. You desperately want your life to go back to “normal.” Why can’t things just be the way they were? How can one bump to the head so drastically change everything? You want to heal, and you want to do it fast. So you push and you push and you push until you hit the breaking point. Headaches hit, and they aren’t pretty. You crash. Then you do it all over again.

Sound familiar? This a common story for any “Type A” personality (such as myself) who has experienced a concussion. How many times have I tried to force healing on myself by pushing my brain to the breaking point, thinking, “it won’t actually be that bad…” or “I used to be able to handle this, so it will be okay”. But when your brain is bruised, it does not respond well to being pushed.

But it does respond well to rest.

Which is exactly what those of us who want fast results do not want to hear.

The truth is, healing doesn’t come from rushing. It doesn’t come from force. It doesn’t come from pushing yourself (just a little bit more!) until your head hurts even worse. Healing is a process, and it comes from taking little steps, one step at a time. The good news is, those steps add up, until you can look back and see how far you’ve come! :) But it does take patience.

The good thing is, if you do begin to get into a good pattern of sleep and brain rest (which does NOT involve screen time, tv, smartphone time, etc – that’s called cheating and it doesn’t work), you will begin to see results pretty quickly. :)

So take those little steps, TBI survivors! I believe in you!! <3

XO, Cristabelle


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