Stories From Survivors - "TBI does not stop you"

This story was sent to us on instagram from a survivor who has been & is going through through a LOT, with a TBI 18 years ago, 3 strokes, and an inoperable brain tumor. Yet continues to find joy in life through art and faith. I found this story to be SO inspiring, especially considering all this person has been through, to be able to say, “TBI does not stop you, it is a part of who you are.” Wow. Definitely read this if you want some hope and inspiration! <3 It is anonymous for privacy.

“So here is the back story to my brain issues. I’m 18 years out from my T.B.I. I have had 3 strokes before the age of 33 and was diagnosed with a hemangioma brain tumor at the age of 28. I’m inoperable, but it has not and will not stop me.

… I just want others to know T.B.I. does not stop you it is part of who you are, you can make a constant choice to live life. Thank you for your prayers. I view this path as opening up new doors to the ones that have closed. After injury I discovered art in every form has helped me grow. Faith in God keeps me going.

Knowledge is power for all of us. I am still alive and want to help others going thru brain injuries of all types know they are not alone. It is a battle more and more of us face. God bless. Your not alone in your path. I am praying for you to have healing thru God’s merciful hands.”

It’s been really incredible getting to interact with survivors around the world, and hearing their stories! At the Hope After Head Injury instagram account, I started the #storiesfromsurvivors hashtag, and have allowed people to share their stories through direct message and comments and get reposted. :)Join the fun at @hopeafterheadinjury on instagram!

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