Did You Know? Mild TBI aka concussion aka minor brain injury

Mild TBI is one of the most common forms of brain injury. It can often be overlooked, because the person looks normal – however, they do not act or feel normal! So often the diagnosis is easy to miss!

It is also commonly called a concussion, or minor brain injury.

It’s important that “mild” or “minor” simply means that the person lost consciousness for less than 30 minutes (or not at all) – NOT that the symptoms or effects are mild!!! This is often confused and causes people who are diagnosed at the emergency room with “mild” or “minor” brain injury to think that they are totally fine…

Speaking as someone who has a “mild TBI”, did not get proper treatment right away, and now has permanent effects of brain injury, I can assure you that without proper treatment and understanding the seriousness, it can get worse.

The symptoms are often called “post concussive syndrome”.

My next post will be on mild TBI symptoms, and advice for those who are experiencing these symptoms.

XO, Cristabelle

For more info: http://www.traumaticbraininjury.com/symptoms-of-tbi/mild-tbi-symptoms/

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