From a caregiver...

From a caregiver -

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to look at this person that you love so very much and see the struggle and not be able to fix it. Your loved one looks pretty much the same, but responds and reacts like a different person. The person that you once knew like the back of your hand has changed and is no longer familiar…

It can be so very hard to get through activities that seemed so mundane before the TBI, and now seem like an unattainable goal.

The relationship has become new. It is not just physically exhausting, but also emotionally exhausting to adjust to a constantly changing “normal”.

The hardest part is to let go of original goals and dreams and be okay with that. The next step is to create new goals and dreams and be okay with that, too. It is a true mourning process. Allow yourself to grieve as you are adjusting to your new role in this relationship. Your loved one needs your support and patience as the new skills and challenges are revealed.

Sometimes the very bravest thing you can do is to just be vulnerable to this new TBI world, knowing that you are in it together.

sunshine and peace, Cyndie

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