A New Day Is Coming

Do you ever have the days when you get so, so tired and overwhelmed that you just wanna stop, crawl into bed, and never get up? There's so much stress, anxiety, fear....you can't find hope, can't find happiness, and feel like you might as well give up?

Yup. Those days happen. I experience them, more frequently than I can be willing to admit. When a brain injury is part of your story, your life takes some crazy twists and turns that can lead to hopelessness.

If this is your reality, know that you're not alone. The bad days can be really, really bad.....but every day has an end. Your story isn't over. A new day is coming. It's on the way for you, right now. Hold on. You can make it. No matter how dark it feels right now, light is on the way. There IS, truly, hope after head injury.

Much love from a fellow survivor, Cristabelle (@itscristabelle)

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