Stories From Survivors: Austin's Story

Everyone's journey is different, but it's true that anything is possible! Austin Craft is living proof of that. He survived a brain injury, coma, pneumonia, and two months in the hospital to come out and return to his goal of bodybuilding! Don't give up on your dreams!!

In November of 2014, one of my trainer's at Anytime Fitness told me he wanted me to be in a bodybuilding/physique show in April or May of the following year. On December 2nd I just left the Anytime Fitness gym that night. It was a foggy night and it was hard to see. But I came up to an intersection and didn't see anything coming so I went. I was hit by a semi truck. I was just in my Chevy S10 pickup truck. It took over an hour to get me out of the truck.

I had a diffuse axonal brain injury. I was induced into a coma. I got pneumonia really bad after a few days. I went on an ECMO machine for 13 days. The ECMO machine acted as an artificial lung, to let my lungs rest. I survived pneumonia and. It was time to focus on my head injury. After a month I came out of my coma and slowly started to realize what was going on.

After 2 months of being in the hospital, I came home on January 28th. I now have to wear glasses because I have double vision. I had to take blood thinner medicine until July, because I had a blood clot in my neck. I now need a lot of sleep and rest. More than I needed before. I have to take Tylenol sometimes because of headaches.

I've slowly started working out. I went to the gym a few times in February. Obviously I couldn't do everything or even close to what I could do. I knew it would take a lot of time, to get to where I once was or where I want to be. But after months and months of constant working. I feel like I am almost where I was! I started out at 157 lbs when I got home. Right now I am at 212 lbs. I hope to compete in a show next year!

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do something. Anything is possible!

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