Constant Headaches

If you are living with brain injury, you probably know how it feels to have a constant headache. ( constant...I mean CONSTANT. Sadly, this is not an exaggeration.) Have you ever gotten to the point where you forgot what it feels like to be headache free? Before my TBI, I NEVER got headaches. Then, I had a constant headache for the first few years after my TBI. I wasn't even always consciously aware of it....but it was always there, whether a dull annoying aching pain or throbbing so bad that it became impossible to do anything but lay in a dark room. The first time it let up, I was shocked. I had forgotten what it felt like not to have a headache. My "new normal" became having constant headaches...and it became a special occasion when I didn't have one. If you're dealing with constant headaches, hold on. Don't push through them (trust will only make it worse. Learned that the hard way). Allow yourself the rest your brain needs. Stay hydrated (this is a BIG one!! Your water intake can really affect your headaches). Make sure you've eaten enough. Take breaks when working. Talk to your doctor about treatment options. Most of all...DO NOT GIVE UP. You WILL see brighter days. Remember that the bright days wouldn't seem so bright if you didn't have the dark ones. Your brain injury is NOT your identity - don't let it become all you see of yourself. You're a survivor, and all of this pain is shaping the warrior you're becoming. KEEP FIGHTING.👊💚 XO, Cristabelle Braden💚 (P.S. a few months back I made a video blog called "Headache Help: Simple Tips" - seems relatable to this post! link: )

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