Breakdown to Breakthrough

Breakdowns. *breathe in....breathe out* They are terrible. Overwhelming. Emotionally and physically exhausting. Honestly, I've had more than I can even count since my TBI. I know I'm not the only one!! They are the WORST and can sometimes seem to come out of nowhere!! And leave you feeling so empty and tired. But lately, I've been seeing another side to breakdowns...... they have the potential to lead you to a real breakthrough in your recovery. •Have you ever had a time when a breakdown has helped you see things that need to change in your life/recovery?• Having a complete and total breakdown can sometimes get me to FINALLY realize and acknowledge that I really do need to start making changes and listen to my brain/body. For me, it's often that I need to listen to my body and rest, instead of pushing myself through headaches and exhaustion. And sometimes, it's just a breakdown...and I'm fine afterwards. Lol. Next time you have a breakdown (or afterward cause during its usually rough, lol, ‪#‎thestruggleisreal‬) stop and think: what have I been doing lately? What is my brain telling me? How can I learn and adapt to my brain injury in this area of my life? And see if you have a breakthrough!! Maybe even try talking it through with a close friend or family member. Much love from a fellow survivor, Cristabelle

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