Surviving the Holidays with Brain Injury

The lights. The crowds. The noise. The holidays can quickly become very "un-fun" for someone with a brain injury. All of the extra stimulation can lead to even more overwhelming moments, exhaustion, and headaches than normal.

In the midst of holiday craziness, it's okay to take some much needed time away to rest, relax, and recuperate.

You definitely won't be able to enjoy the activities of the holidays if you push yourself through them. By allowing yourself to rest in between, you will have a better chance at actually enjoying the sweet moments of the holidays!

It's okay to step into another room during a crowded family gathering. It's okay to leave early. It's okay to acknowledge you're feeling "out of it", and to let someone know. It's okay to politely excuse yourself from a conversation with a well meaning family member who doesn't realize how your brain injury affects you.

Remind yourself that taking care of yourself DOES NOT mean you're anti-social or that you don't care about others. Your brain is injured, so the needs of your brain are just different than those around you! Give yourself a break, and allow yourself to relax.

ENJOY!! Merry Christmas!! <3 XO, Cristabelle

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