Focus on what you CAN do! (not on what you can't.)

A brain injury can change everything. Learning how to navigate a "new normal" is difficult, especially when life can feel very frustrating because those things that used to come easy do not anymore.

In my recovery, I learned that it was very important to focus on what I CAN do rather than what I CAN'T.💚 For me, that was music, which was a new skill after my TBI. Try to take up a new hobby, maybe crafts, or music, or something that you can do and have fun with, and that is rewarding!! :)

Those frustrating things you can't do may eventually come back...but it doesn't help you at ALL to dwell on them! That won't change anything, except to maybe make you even more frustrated. wink emoticon Don't force yourself! Sometimes it can be more frustrating to feel like you're taking baby steps in something you can't do how you used to, than it would be to try something new.

Focus on your healing first and foremost, and one day you may wake up and realize that whatever it was that so frustrated you is coming a little bit easier. :) 💚 Keep fighting!!

XO, Cristabelle Braden ‪#‎hopeafterheadinjury‬

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