Brain Injury Awareness Month

Tomorrow is the start of brain injury awareness month 2016. We have some fun stuff coming up to help you spread awareness!

1. Join the movement for awareness by changing your social media profile pic to one of these photos (which you can also find on our facebook):

2. Make sure that you're following us on all social media! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and subscribe on YouTube! We will be doing some fun giveaways and sharing awareness facts all month long - get connected so you don't miss anything!

3. SHARE YOUR STORY! We would love to help you to share your story with the brain injury community this month! What you've been through can bring others what is so desperately needed - HOPE. You never know how your story will impact and help someone who could be going through something very similar to you!

"Survivor Stories" -

There are two ways to do this:

1. Email us your story written out to post on the blog

2. Film your story in a short 1-3 minute video via your phone or computer to be part of the "Behind The Sign" video series!

Follow these simple steps to do the video (see examples: "Survivor Stories" -

1. Create your own Hope Survives sign! Write, color, paint, or print a sign that explains how hope survives in your life. This could be anything from a phrase that keeps you going to a word that means a lot to you

2. Take a picture holding the sign

3. Film a short video ( using a phone or computer) of your story - make sure to include your name, a little bit about your story, and what your sign of hope means to you.

4. Submit your photo and video to (you can send your video via google drive or dropbox)

QUESTIONS? Message us on Facebook or email!

4. The first ever Hope After Head Injury Awareness Tour starts this March. I will be playing concerts and speaking at events in 5 states during the month of March! If you are near an event, I'd love to meet and connect with you!

March 6 - East Petersburg, PA

March 9 - New Castle, DE

March 12 - Trenton, NJ

March 18 - Warwick, RI

March 29 - Fargo, ND

We can't wait to spread awareness together this month!


Cristabelle Braden

Founder, Hope After Head Injury

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