Don't Compare...

It can be tempting to look at someone else's recovery and think to yourself, "They are doing so much better than me. Why am I still struggling? What am I doing wrong?"

Have you ever thought these things? It makes you feel a lot worse, doesn't it? While you are not alone in these feelings, it's important to understand that everyone's journey is different. Instead of feeling bad about ourselves, we need to understand and accept that we are each on a unique path.

Don't compare - ESPECIALLY if your brain injury was in the last year and you're looking at someone 5-10+ years out.

Don't lose sight of your own journey - think about how far YOU have come!!

Instead, look to other's journeys as an inspiration and motivation to keep going and keep hoping! We need to use our stories and experiences to encourage each other and lift each other up, not to compare and bring each other down!

Change your perspective. Your journey is not over. Stop comparing yourself and start focusing on taking small steps day by day!💚 You can do this!

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