When your brain can't handle it...

It's okay to say "no" when your brain can't handle something. That does not make you a bad or mean person!!! It makes you a SMART person taking care of your brain.💚

Living with a brain injury affects every single aspect of your life. Not everyone will understand this. You may have family members or friends who don't "get it"... some of whom continue to expect you to do things you did pre-injury, or who continue to invite you to events (meaning well, but not realizing how hard it is for you to be around noise and people).

But the reality is... your brain is injured. Everything affects you differently now, from noise, to crowds, to lights, to conversations, to headaches, and more. So, while your brain is healing, sometimes you'll have to say "no" to things... and that's okay. Be patient with yourself, and always keep moving forward!!

Xo, Cristabelle

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