"I don't need to write that down!"

Writing things down is not only important to help with memory loss, but also with mental organization. Creating a simple “to-do” list can make a huge difference in your day-to-day life! Having a brain injury often creates "cognitive fatigue" - where a person can get physically tired simply from thinking or doing simple tasks. There is limited cognitive energy, so it's important for survivors to prioritize to make sure things get done! Having a "to-do" list is very important, because if we don't prioritize what we have to do, we might spend our cognitive energy on something else, and then we are too exhausted to do what really needs to be done. For example... it's very, very real and possible that a brain injury survivor may become too exhausted to even do something like taking a shower. When you have a list, putting “shower” at the top will help make sure you don’t spend precious cognitive energy on something less important than showering! Being able to check things off creates a sense of accomplishment, because you know you’ve done something today! Even if it’s as simple as showering. :) #hopeafterheadinjury - Cristabelle Braden

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