Survivors Need Support

Do you have anyone in your life that you can talk to about your brain injury, who understands your struggles? It's so important to brain injury healing to connect with people who understand this "invisible injury". People who will "get it" and won't just assume because you look fine, you feel fine. People who know what it's like to deal with simple tasks becoming very, very hard. People who know what it is to live with a "new normal" and have to grieve your old life. People who will be a positive force in your recovery!! The brain injury community is amazing, loving, and supportive. Get connected! One of the places to find people who will understand and lift you up is a local brain injury support group. Go to one!! The Brain Injury Association of America ( has a lot of resources for finding local support groups. There are also many online support groups you can join and talk to other brain injury survivors and caregivers in a safe space. We have a#HopeAfterHeadInjury Facebook group that everyone is welcome to join, share, and get support: We can't do this alone - and we don't have to. The brain injury community is there, all you have to do is get connected. You are NOT alone! - Cristabelle Braden

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