Healing is a process.

There is no magic formula when it comes to healing. Some people like to say that all major improvement has to happen before the 1 year mark, or the 5 year mark - but the truth is, there is no timeline on healing, because it's a process. It's different for everybody! Don't get down on yourself because you think you "should" be doing better... you are exactly where you are right now, and that's okay. Focus on making small changes and improving over time. :) I've known people who are decades out from brain injury and are still seeing improvements. And, on a personal note, I am 8 years out from my traumatic brain injury, and I still see improvement! :) I remember being 5 years out from my brain injury and feeling like I "should" be doing so much better than I was, wondering why I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere, and just getting down on myself overall. I've had to learn that there is no timeline for healing - don't put yourself in a box!! Stay encouraged, stay hopeful, and know that you are in the healing process right now. :) -Cristabelle Braden // #hopeafterheadinjury

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