Do you have a support group?

Tonight I went to my local brain injury support group!💚 Do you have a support group? Has it helped you? Comment below!!👇 It helps so much to meet with others and discuss life with brain injury with others who truly understand. The group I go to meets at Good Shepherd rehab hospital in Allentown, PA- this group is so supportive and loving! (Join us every 3rd Thursday!)

They gave me permission to make this post, because one of the things we discussed in the survivors group (top photo) is how important brain injury support groups are. We all agreed it's important to spread the word about them - so fellow survivors know they exist - which is why I'm posting this.😊 It is SO important to get connected to local support groups and meet other brain injury survivors! It makes such a huge difference on the journey of healing to know that others have been where you are, and that you are not alone.💚 Find a group in your local area at or ask your local rehab hospital (most have brain injury groups). You are NOT alone and you do not have to do this journey by yourself! Get connected - and if you can't get to a local group, we also have an online support group at :)

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