A Survivor Is A Warrior

Think of yourself as a WARRIOR as you go through your day! Every day, you are fighting invisible battles. Dealing with symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, overstimulation, light sensitivity, and more that make the simplest of daily tasks very difficult. Things that can't be seen from the outside. Battles that others may not even realize you are fighting. Struggling to remember, to concentrate, to keep going. The daily fight can grow tiring, and sometimes you don't know why you even try and keep going. You want to give up. Do not give up, survivors!! You have already suffered and survived a life changing injury, and chosen to KEEP GOING. That makes you a warrior!!<3 In the struggle, you find your strength. Remember that next time you find yourself struggling with a symptom... you are a warrior, and you WILL get through this!! There is HOPE after head injury! <3 #hopeafterheadinjury - Cristabelle Braden

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