Working WITH your brain injury - not against it!

Every day is full of little choices. Today, make the choice to work WITH your brain injury instead of AGAINST your brain injury! What are some ways you work with your brain injury? Comment below! When you force through a headache, try to live your old pre-injury schedule, or pretend like you aren't experiencing symptoms, that is working against your brain injury. You cannot force your way to healing. Remember: Your brain is injured. It's bruised. No amount of forcing through it and wishing it was gone will make an injury go away - you have to treat your brain like you would if you got any other injury - with care. Would you run on a broken ankle? No- you'd put it in a cast. But, unfortunately, you can't put your brain in a cast. The best way to focus on healing is to learn how to listen to your symptoms and allow your brain the rest it needs. It IS possible to work with your brain injury, and every survivor has to learn how to do that for themselves. Learn how to listen to your brain. Learn your limits. Maybe that means resting when you're tired, or saying "no" to that overwhelming activity. Maybe that means having to re-evaluate your daily schedule. Whatever you need to do, it's so important to choose to work WITH your brain injury instead of against it. -Cristabelle Braden / #HopeAfterHeadInjury FYI: We discussed this on this week's Facebook live chat - watch the playback on our Facebook page! Also, join us for the next live chat Tuesday 10/4 at 7pm EST!💚

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