Brain injury recovery is a process.

Continued growth is the key to recovery. If we strive for perfection, we can get frustrated. Like, "why can't I do what I used to be able to? Why is it so hard?" We need to stop being so hard on ourselves and putting ourselves down in the recovery process. It can be sad at first to set smaller goals, but think about how much the smaller goals will add up!!! Add them all up and you can reach a large goal much better!! 😊 The brain is AMAZING. The neuroplasticity and new pathways it's capable of forming is so incredible. There is always HOPE. Healing is a process and we can't be too hard on ourselves as our brain is working hard to get better.💚

-Cristabelle Braden / #HopeAfterHeadInjury FYI: We discussed this on this week's Facebook live chat - watch the playback on our Facebook page! Also, join us for the next live chat Tuesday 10/25 at 7pm EST!💚

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