"A day I will always hate to relive..." Monica's Survivor Story

"A Neurology appointment today brought me back to exactly 8 years ago: 11/14/2008 a day that I will always hate to relive, yet I will forever be thankful for. Today was the first time I was able to remember "Apple, table, door" and I passed the exam. The same exam I failed countless times and was told they had no help for me. Why couldn't I remember anything? Literally anything.. why was I exhausted after doing one simple task? Why couldn't I control my emotions, read, or communicate without struggling? My family, and my boyfriend became my everything and they pushed to find answers. A psychiatrist was my last option, and I am incredibly grateful that he cared enough to figure out this puzzle. My new neuro was shocked at the positive results from my medication... and I pray that she looks into it to give hope to other people dealing with a mtbi. I am thankful because I couldn't be the person I am today without the incredible people in my life. Thank you! And for the sweet souls that are trapped in a body they do not recognize, or have foggy mushy brains, I want you to know that you are loved, you are strong, and you CAN improve!" -Monica, TBI Survivor ➡️Your quote can be featured! For consideration, message it to our FB page or email info@hopeafterheadinjury.com with your paragraph of inspiration💚 We are all in this together! #HopeAfterHeadInjury

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