"Before and after..." Jacqueline's Survivor Story

"I've treated my life as a 'before and after.’ Before my brain injury and my life after it. Before - when I was busy literally 24/7 with education and volleyball. When I had no emotional fluctuations. When absolutely everything came easy to me. And after - confusion, despair, tears, panic, anger, tired all of the time. I am living a story that no book has the spin to hold. I need to stop worrying myself with filing my days with busy. I need to fill them with story. I need to stop believing I am a failure in my past and not good enough for today. I need to stop believing I am doing a bad job at being who I am. No one has ever done it besides me. By being honest with people about who I am, I am living the biggest, brightest story I possibly can. A story that people may follow and read until the next page. No - it’s not easy to feel happy most of the time. BUT, when I do feel happiness, I appreciate this precious life more than I ever have or ever could before." -Jacqueline (Finding My Verse), TBI Survivor

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