"I'm actually having a battle inside of my mind." Ed's Survivor Story

"After some introspection, and self examination, I found two little problems, everything I say, and everything I do. Now, I realize that I may be exaggerating just a little, but there are times, where this really seems completely true. A huge problem with a TBI, is that it often causes low self-esteem, and feelings of self doubt, that are so strong. So when something bad seems to happen in your life, you automatically blame yourself, whether right or wrong. So when I feel I’ve messed up, I withdraw and overthink things, the racing thoughts start, so I’ll try to write. If I don’t clear out the excess thoughts, the baggage that I’ve built up in my mind, then I can’t sleep at night. We’ve all heard the phrase before, “just try thinking positive”, and everything will be better, it’s easy to say. But when fighting depression, and a panic/anxiety disorder, it isn’t simple, one thought can ruin your day. So if I seem quiet or withdrawn, I don’t mean to seem rude, I’m actually having a battle inside of my mind. But when the dust and smoke finally clear, I will try to share with everyone else, whatever lesson I find." -Ed, TBI Survivor ••• ➡️Your quote can be featured! For consideration, message it to our FB page or email info@hopeafterheadinjury.com with your paragraph of inspiration💚 We are all in this together! #HopeAfterHeadInjury

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