Overstimulation: Coping Strategies

When you are living with brain injury, anything and everything can become overwhelming. Grocery stores, restaurants, movie theaters, parties and get togethers with family & friends, malls, parks, your own home... the list goes on and on. If this is your reality, know that you are not alone in this feeling!! Overstimulation is something we all deal with - it’s a reality for most of us living with brain injury. Some simple things that I’ve found that helps are: -being okay with stepping out of a noisy environment -being okay with saying NO to going to an overwhelming activity -preparing ahead of time when you know you’ll enter into an overwhelming environment (lists, maps, schedule, etc. the more you can find out ahead of time the better!) -schedule in breaks / rest time before, after, or during an overwhelming activity -making it known to the people with you that this can happen -drinking enough water -eating nutritional meals -getting enough sleep We discussed this and many more coping strategies for overstimulation on this week's Facebook live chat - watch the playback on our Facebook page! Also, join us for the next live chat Tuesday 9/27 at 7pm EST!💚

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