"One minute your life is as it should be, the next it is gone." - Abi's Survivor Story

"Having a head injury changes every aspect of your life and you have to learn to adapt to it. One minute your life is as it should be, the next it is gone. Having a head injury makes you realise what you once had before and how amazing it was. It makes you want to be the old you. It makes you tired. It makes you sad. It makes you depressed. It makes you forgetful. It makes you weak. It makes you angry. It makes you anxious. It makes you feel alone. But most of all, it makes you strong. Always remember that you are not alone and you can fight through this! YOU are amazing." -Abi, TBI survivor ••• ➡️Your quote can be featured! For consideration, message it to our FB page or email info@hopeafterheadinjury.com with your paragraph of inspiration💚 We are all in this together! #HopeAfterHeadInjury

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