"Even in the hardest and most painful days, there is still beauty." - Kellie's Survivo

"On November 30, 2015 I was in a head on car accident with my then 3 year old daughter. We were traveling down a road we had numerous times. It all happened so fast. I saw the car coming, and then I woke up to the sound of my daughter crying in the back seat. Not sure how long I was knocked out. I was sent home with some small contusions, whiplash and a severe concussion and to just watch for anything that gets worse or doesn't seem right. A couple days later I had no idea where I was, what I was saying, couldn't understand what anyone was saying to me and migraines like i had never experienced. I had an MRI that showed that I had some smashed blood vessels on my left frontal lobe. So over the duration of the year I have troubles with short term memory loss, mental fatigue, hard time finding words and speaking complete sentences that actually make sense, migraines, anxiety, and lots of issues with my vision. I traveled every 6 weeks to PA to see a specialist and was in occupational therapy and nuero opthamology therapy. It had been a long road. I recently came up to the year anniversary. And I wrote this on my day of reflection: It's been 1 year since the accident today. Wasn't sure how I would feel. My sweet daughter asked me this morning what I was feeling as I was journaling and we sat down and talked about this day last year. Overwhelming I felt grateful and accepting. This past year has been hard. No need to sugar coat it. The hardest year I've ever had. I've had times sadness. Times of worry and times of anger. But not once have I lost the sense of gratitude. I've learned my own strength. I've learned that even in the hardest most painful of days there is still beauty. I've learned that it is ok to cry. I've learned it's ok to ask for help and accept it. I've learned the steps of grief for my old life and for someone I never knew. I've found out how strong my faith is. And how blessed I am to be here. I have learned that friends come and go but family and dear ones build you up and support you when you most need it. And I've learned how strong my marriage is and how I have an angel alongside me in the form of my sweet daughter. I have learned to stay true to my convictions and go with my gut. To not accept no for an answer. I have learned how beautiful the brain is and how delicate and intricate it can be, something I will not take for granted. I have learned that mental health is just as important as any other health. But most importantly I have learned the true meaning of grace and of my own strength. This day will be a new anniversary. An anniversary of my strength. A day to remember how precious life is and how great our blessings are. I am a different person. Some things I can't do the way I use to. I may not be able to work or drive or communicate like I use to. But I am a better and stronger person than I ever was." -Kellie, TBI Survivor ••• ➡️Your quote can be featured! For consideration, message it to our FB page or email info@hopeafterheadinjury.com with your paragraph of inspiration💚 We are all in this together! #HopeAfterHeadInjury

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