"Through tears and time comes triumph." - Katy's Survivor Story

"I used to be a social butterfly, and that I cannot lie. On a hot summer day, in an instant she flew away. The reason why I did not die, I may never know. Now I am a pesky house fly, who is often pushed away. I believe one day I will be a ladybug, and make a wish come true. Fly to someone just like me, who hit their head so tragically. This journey is unknown, and most of us feel alone. Through tears and time comes triumph. For I am only a ladybug who wants to let the world know, we did not ask for this change in our lives, the person we knew was kind. I am a lady and that will always be, just remember I am also a bug. And this ladybug is going for advocacy!" - Katy, TBI Survivor ••• ➡️Your quote can be featured! For consideration, message it to our FB page or email info@hopeafterheadinjury.com with your paragraph of inspiration💚 We are all in this together! #HopeAfterHeadInjury

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