"TBI can be very lonely and frustrating." - Lori's Survivor Story

"I suffered my brain injury 2 years ago while riding my horse. Daisey got upset and took off with me around a pasture and into the woods. At some point I came off. Since it all happened so fast no one was around when I actually came off and, to this day, I do not remember a thing about that entire day. I was an 87/100 on my post-concussive evaluation 2 days after my fall. The doctor who treated me following the fall did not treat any of my post-concussive symptoms and by the time I was referred to a Concussion Specialist 6 months later, the damage that had been done was pretty much permanent. I suffer from headaches, anxiety, depression, light/noisy sensitivity and there is always a constant pressure in my head. If I get too overwhelmed/flooded and brain fatigue sets in, I sometimes start to slur my words and even find it hard to get the words out at all. Through all this, I still found the courage to get back on my horse and even got back to jumping and showing. And, even at 39 yrs old, I don't care that I'm the oldest rider in our little local shows because I know what I went through and continue to go through to get there. Riding horses may have caused my TBI but it's also the thing that helps me face my TBI. My helmet saved my life and my horse is my personal form of therapy. TBI is scary and it can be very lonely and frustrating when you can't simply explain what you're thinking and feeling to others who don't understand. When I'm stressed and overwhelmed Daisey calms me down and reminds me that, even on my toughest days, I'm strong enough to get up and keep going. Thank you for letting me share my story! I hope it inspires someone!" -Lori, TBI Survivor ••• ➡️Share your story for#braininjuryawarenessmonth! Send a paragraph to info@hopeafterheadinjury.com💚 We are all in this together! #HopeAfterHeadInjury

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