"Hope is possible..." - Misty's Caregiver Story

“My son suffered a stage 3 diffuse axonal brain injury in May of 2018. He was in a coma for 4 days, after waking up he spent a week in PICU, then transferred to inpatient rehab. He had to learn to swallow, walk, talk and basically do life all over again. He didn't speak for 10 days. Once he was released he spent 3 months in outpatient rehab.

Today he is doing well, he is back in school, getting good grades, he is back to his silly self, cracking jokes and pranking his sister! Healing a little more everyday! Hope is possible, recovery is possible. The brain is an amazing organ. It's amazing to see what the body can do when the brain refuses to quit!” -Misty, TBI Caregiver


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