"It has been a struggle with the pain..." - Claudia's Survivor Story

"My life changed at such a young age. When I turned 16 is when I experienced the most traumatizing event... I was shot in my left frontal lobe. I was in a coma for 2 weeks all the doctors said I would never be the same person... I woke up afraid but with my family there in support. I didn’t want to be behind in school so I returned a few months later with assistance but I never gave up. I accomplished graduating and going to college... It has been a struggle with the pain from headaches and spasms but everything takes time and I do believe you heal a new stronger person." -Claudia, TBI Survivor ••• ➡️Share your story for#BrainInjuryAwarenessMonth! Submit yours athttps://www.hopeafterheadinjury.com/share-your-story 💚 We are all in this together!#HopeAfterHeadInjury

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