Common Challenges and Symptoms (Episode 2)

Today’s episode is all about common challenges brain injury survivors face! Let’s talk about how survivors are affected every day, strategies and tips to help, and some of the science behind why symptoms happen.

Cristabelle is joined today by two special guests, Monica Vaccaro (Director of Programs for the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania), and Dr. Jeremy Schmoe (Founder and Director of The Functional Neurology Center). Together, they bring a well rounded view to this topic.


- Monica Vaccaro has been working in the field of brain injury for over 30 years. She is currently the Director of Programs for the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania. She is very passionate about advocacy and doing everything she can to bring more awareness to this hidden injury. We have a conversation about brain injury symptoms, how they affect survivors on a practical and emotional level, and some strategies and tips for how to manage them.

- Dr. Jeremy Schmoe is the founder and director of The Functional Neurology Center and Co Developer of The Brain Health Online Summit. Over the past 10 years he has been working with patients with complex neurological dysfunction. He has treated thousands of patients with head injuries, vertigo, dysautonomia, dizziness, movement disorders, neuro-degenerative and developmental disorders. Today, he shares some of the science behind brain injury symptoms. He talks about autonomics, vision and eye movements, the vestibular system, and more. He explains how a brain injury can affect the way that these systems integrate which can then cause difficulties and symptoms that affect survivors every day.


Have you or a loved one experienced a traumatic brain injury, stroke, concussion, or ABI? This podcast is for you. Sharing hope, support, and education for brain injury survivors, caregivers, and families. Hosted by award-winning TBI survivor, advocate, and singer/songwriter Cristabelle Braden, this is an uplifting podcast to bring hope to your darkest days. Subscribe and stay tuned for messages of encouragement, interviews with professionals, and survivor stories.


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Cristabelle Braden is an award winning singer/songwriter, keynote speaker, writer, and podcast host. After suffering a traumatic brain injury, she began to write music. Since then, she has surpassed medical expectations and thrived in her newfound gift of music; she has come from re-learning daily life tasks in brain injury rehabilitation to setting her feet firmly on the ground as a songwriter, speaker, and artist with a message of hope. Releasing multiple albums of original music and touring all over the United States, she brings her powerful testimony and a message of freedom, healing, and love wherever she goes. Cristabelle has continually persevered through the daily challenges that come with living with a brain injury, and through her setbacks, re-injuries, and struggles, discovered a stronger and clearer voice and message. She is a sought after speaker, both in brain injury and Christian ministry events. She is also a graduate-level Biblical scholar, currently working on a Masters in Theological Studies. In 2020 she launched an inspirational and uplifting podcast called Declaration Life. Her journey has inspired her to become a passionate advocate for brain injury, lobbying on a statewide and national level with the Brain Injury Association of America, as well as personally working hard to provide support and encouragement to brain injury survivors and their families through her online community Hope After Head Injury.

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