Concussion Awareness & Safety in Sports - Protect Your Skull (Episode 20)

Bringing a fresh perspective to sports concussions, Tracey Suggs and Foster Wilkins are the founders of Protect Your Skull - the world’s first and only concussion awareness brand creating quality performance apparel for today’s athlete. They are amazing advocates as they work hard to educate for safety in sports- today’s conversation is one you don’t want to miss!

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month!


Protect Your Skull, LLC is the world’s first concussion awareness, performance, and lifestyle brand. It was established in 2013 by former athletes Tracey Suggs and Foster Wilkins. This is a brand that promotes the overall well-being of athletes. It’s the quality of life culture that PYS is pioneering. The game has evolved. Quality of life after the game matters most.


- Tracey Suggs is the Protect Your Skull, LLC Creative Director and co–founder. He currently lives in Charlotte, NC with his beautiful wife of 20 years and their 3 beautiful children. Promoting concussion awareness and safety in all sports to the next generation of athletes through his work with universities, youth sports camps, sports leagues, and organizations across the country is a primary focus. Suggs played football as a defensive back for Fayetteville State University of the CIAA Conference. He believes that winning now has to incorporate playing the game safer and smarter through a higher level of awareness both mentally and physically.Suggs is committed to creating a quality of life culture beginning with the next generation youth athletes and leaders. He believes that by using his power to empower the youth to achieve greatness in life that the world becomes a better place for the future.

-Foster Wilkins is the co-founder of Protect Your Skull. Wilkins’ success as an athlete and devoted alumni earned his 2007 induction in the Fayetteville State Football Hall of Fame. Through several years of playing football, Wilkins experienced concussions and minor injuries that led to the concept of providing athletes with knowledge to play sports with your health as the leading factor. As a collegiate football coach, Wilkins was highly impacted to become an advocate for an athlete’s health when he encounter his own players suffering from serious injuries and concussions, he knew that in order to pursue a successful athletic career a person’s health will have to be top priority. After coaching, Wilkins cultivated a philosophy of sustaining a healthy lifestyle to increase the quality and longevity of life. Among the Fayetteville State University’s community, he is known as an avid donor to the athletic program to ensure current players have access to safe and efficient equipment. Wilkins is instrumental in connecting the brand with local high schools and colleges to ensure players are proactively thinking about Life After the Game.


Hosted by Cristabelle Braden


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ABOUT CRISTABELLE: Cristabelle Braden is an award winning singer/songwriter, keynote speaker, writer, podcast host, brain injury survivor & advocate.

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