How to Be a Brain Injury Advocate (Episode 21)

Hands down, one of the questions I am asked most frequently is something like, “how do I become a brain injury advocate” or “how do you get started sharing your story?”

On today’s episode, I’m sharing a lot of what I have learned about advocacy through the years - joined by Monica Vaccaro, director of programs at the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania, to share her perspective and insight! We are talking about being a self-advocate for brain injury, tips for sharing your story, and also how to get involved with advocacy on a larger scale if it’s something you are interested in!

Brain Injury Awareness Month might be almost over, but the advocacy goes on all year long! :) Let’s continue to use our voices together to make a difference!

Xo, Cristabelle


- Monica Vaccaro has been working in the field of brain injury for over 30 years. She is currently the Director of Programs for the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania. She is very passionate about advocacy and doing everything she can to bring more awareness to this hidden injury. We have a conversation about brain injury symptoms, how they affect survivors on a practical and emotional level, and some strategies and tips for how to manage them.

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ABOUT CRISTABELLE: Cristabelle Braden is an award winning singer/songwriter, keynote speaker, writer, podcast host, brain injury survivor & advocate.

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