Not Giving Up (Episode 22)

What does it mean to “not give up” on the brain injury? Let’s talk about it. Cristabelle shares encouragement for survivors and her mother Cyndie Braden offers support for caregivers and families. We talk about different aspects of choosing to not give up, including family dynamics, the day-to-day things, and how to give yourself grace for the hard days.

*Check out the "Not Giving Up" Brain Injury Awareness Music Video:


Hosted by Cristabelle Braden | @cristabellebraden


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- Cyndie Braden has over 20 years experience teaching and developing educational curriculum, and she holds a Master of Science. After being thrown into the world of brain injury by her daughter’s injury, Cyndie has been passionately learning about brain injury research and finding resources while supporting the brain injury survivors and families. She has been invited to speak at brain injury conferences and events. She also has advocated with the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania at the State Capitol in Harrisburg and in Washington D.C. and works alongside her daughter Cristabelle to support the community of Hope After Head Injury.

IG: @cyndiebraden

ABOUT CRISTABELLE: Cristabelle Braden is an award winning singer/songwriter, keynote speaker, writer, podcast host, brain injury survivor & advocate.

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