Ways to Help Calm Brain Injury Symptoms (Episode 16)

If you've ever been overwhelmed or overstimulated with brain injury symptoms, you are not alone. Today, Natasha Wilch is here to share some ways to help us calm down symptoms. We discuss some simple strategies along with encouragement for survivors.


- Natasha Wilch is a Registered Physical Therapist based in Western Canada whom had dedicated her career to working with individuals with concussion. Her passion in learning has led her to training in vestibular rehab, acupuncture, clinical neuroscience and more. She is the owner of Symphony Rehabilitation and Co-Founder of Concussion Compass. Always looking for ways to better serve her clients, she was one of the first clincians in Canada to offer virtual care. Natasha has won the Canada Entrepreneur of the year award in 2017, Vancouver Island’s top 20 under 40 business & community achievement award in 2018 and this year she won the 2020 Excellence in Leadership Award for Physical Therapy. symphony-rehab.com

Concussion Compass: concussioncompass.com

Get Natasha's Free PDF - "3 Ways to Calm Your Concussion Symptoms": https://www.concussioncompass.com/3-ways-to-calm-your-concussion-symptoms-opt-in


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