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stories that were sent to us from survivors and caregivers.
"Behind The Sign" video series from Hope After Head Injury
Behind The Sign is a video series that shares the stories of the survivors featured in Hope After Head Injury founder Cristabelle Braden​'s "Hope Survives (Anthem For Survivors)" music video. 

"Love The New You"

Monica's Story

TBI Survivor Monica explains the story behind her sign, “Love The New You”. She was in a car accident in 2008 and suffered a mild traumatic brain injury – everything in her life changed and she had to start over. She shares her journey in learning how to love the new Monica.

"One Day At A Time"

Carrie's Story

Carrie had a TBI this past February (2015) from an accident at her work, where she works with animals. She shares the struggles in dealing with a new brain injury and how she has learned to take life “One Day At A Time”, have “Hope”, and “Breathe”.

"We Can Do It!"

Denise's Story

Brain Injury Survivor Denise shares her story of learning how to live as the “new Denise” after being bit by a mosquito carrying the Eastern equine encephalitis virus (AKA Triple E), which causes swelling to the brain. Her motto is “We Can Do It”! <3

"Always Dare To Dream"

Joi's Story

Joi was born with hydrocephalus, which is when the brain fills up with fluid. Hear her tell her story “Behind The Sign”!♥

"Forgive, Let Go, Live On"

Adessa's Story

TBI Survivor Adessa shares the struggle of learning to live with brain injury symptoms and hard emotions that comes with it – and how she learned to “Forgive, Let Go, and Live On”. ♥

"God's Not Done With Me Yet"

Janique's Story

TBI Survivor Janique shares encouragement for fellow survivors through the story of how she received her TBI, and how she realized that God’s not done with her yet.

"I'm A Survivor When No Hope Was Given"

Brandon's Story

Brandon was in a motorcycle accident July 2013. Medical professionals told his family that there was no hope. Watch his story to find out Brandon’s remarkable story behind his sign “With Faith Comes Hope – I’m A Survivor When No Hope Was Given”! :)

"Don't Let Your Injury Define Who You Are"

Katelyn's Story

Katelyn has survived multiple concussions. Her message is “Don’t Let Your Injury Define Who You Are”. Although it can be hard, she doesn’t let her brain injury define her. Watch to find out why! She has some great insight to share!


"Surviving and Thriving"

Amy's Story

TBI Survivor Amy Zellmer, author of "Life With a Traumatic Brain Injury" + more on Huffington Post, shares how she has learned to live with TBI - "surviving and thriving"! 

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