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Conquering goals with Brain Injury

Cristabelle Braden

Don't give up on your goals! Cristabelle shares strategies & encouragement for brain injury survivors on how to conquer your goals, while living with the symptoms & effects of your brain injury. YOU CAN DO IT!

You Look Fine: The Real Life Struggle of an Invisible Injury

Cristabelle Braden

The real-life experience of a brain injured person explained in simple terms. They may "Look Fine", but don't feel, act, or think "fine"!

"You Look Fine!": Pt. 2- What's Next?

Cristabelle Braden

Survivors & Caregivers: examples of responses to "You Look Fine"
Friends & Families: examples of what to say instead of "You Look Fine"

Brain Injury Anniversary / You Are Not Alone

Cristabelle Braden

Today's the 8 year anniversary of my TBI. I'm always going to be real with you guys. If there's anything I've learned, it's that even on the hard days, there is ALWAYS hope <3

"What's that word again?" - Brain Injury and Word Finding / Aphasia

Cristabelle Braden

"What's that word again?" :) Explaining the difficulties of word finding after brain injury!

"Why Should I Rest My Brain?"

Cristabelle Braden

Why is brain rest so important to brain injury recovery?

"Thinking Makes Me Tired!" - Cognitive Fatigue

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Yup, this is a REAL THING... Getting physically tired without even moving a muscle! Just from thinking! Let's talk about Cognitive Fatigue!

What does it feel like to have a concussion?

Cristabelle Braden

Made this video after concussion #9. My first TBI happened 12/2/07.

Finding Hope #2 - How do I find my hope?

Cristabelle Braden

In the middle of life with brain injury... how do I find my hope? We all experience hope differently. Where is it for you?

Finding Hope #1 - Don't Give Up On Your Dreams

Cristabelle Braden

An encouragement to brain injury survivors everywhere: do not give up on your dreams.
Finding Hope is a new video series from TBI survivor & Hope After Head Injury founder Cristabelle Braden​.

"I Forgot..." - The Frustration of Forgetting After Brain Injury!

Cristabelle Braden

"I forgot..." how frustrating is it to always be forgetting things? Let's talk about the common symptom of memory loss after brain injury! 

Headache Help: Simple Tips

Cristabelle Braden

Simple suggestions for what to do to help with a really bad headache! 

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